The Sunless Citadel
(based on the module by Bruce Cordell)

DM: Mike
Players: Daniel, Lynn, Robin

ChasmThey were all in Timber for different reasons. All in Paneris's den, to be precise. Charn and Horgic had been captured and were about to fight in a makeshift gladiator ring. Ashton was there looking for the magic fruit that would heal his sick mentor. Devan was after something. I don't remember whether or not we ever knew what it was.

Charn and Horgic managed to break out together and throw the den into chaos. Everyone tried to nab Paneris but he teleported away. The PC's escaped into a snowy city of Timber in the middle of a new year's celebration. They went their separate ways from there.

They came back together in a nearby town when everybody heard that what they were looking for was in a legendary citadel that sank into the earth. They fought some vampiric stick-men and headed off to the dungeon, which was in a big chasm. They fought some monsters, helped some kobolds by catching a baby white dragon, exterminated a whole tribe of goblins, and fought their way down to a huge cave.

Final BattleFinal BattleThere, they hacked through a bunch of twig blights to the evil druid who had started all this. He had discovered a nasty vampire tree that lived underground here and was using it to create twig blights and brainwash adventurers. He sicced some of both on the party.

The druid's pet toad was sufficient to hold off Devan. The rest started fighting their way through the minions. He cast heat metal on Charn's armor. Charn, thinking the druid would be able to abort the effect, climbed the tree, setting fire to it. Horgic was harried by a flaming sphere and battered by minions. Ashton was brought down by magic missles I think. Devan continued to fight the toad.

Charn finally took out the twig blights that had been hounding him and crashed through the brush, still burning, to grapple with the druid. Horgic helped out. Ashton's familiar killed the toad, relieving Devan. The whole mess burned. Ashton managed to grab the magic fruit before they ran away.