The 2001 Grog Awards were never voted upon, but here are the nominees:


1. The Sunless Citadel (TSC)
2. Death in Freeport (DIF)
3. Queen of the Night (QON)
4. The Speaker in Dreams (SID)
5. Sundered Faith (SF)
6. Devan's Bogus Journey (DBJ)


1. Charn grapples with evil druid Belak while being burned alive (TSC)
2. Ashton detonates a whole room full of skeletons (DIF)
3. The Iron Centipede makes its mad dash through Sorastro's tower (QON)
4. Devan invisibly animates the dead Osyluth and orders guards to stand down (SID)
5. Devan, Horgic, and Ashton demonstrate actual teamwork in defeating a spectre (SF)


1. Ashton goes down, Horgic is entangled, and Charn is frying in the final battle against Belak (TSC)
2. Milos deludes Horgic, scares Devan, and turns Charn into a snake (DIF)
3. Wandering Troll shreds Horgic easily and charges the rest of the party (QON)
4. Ghaerleth Axom stuns most of the party and almost eats Ashton's brain (SID)
5. Horgic dangles like bait while Ashton and Devan fight the giant snake (SF)
6. Gnoll hunting party closes in from the darkness (SID)
7. Ashton drained down to his last two levels against the spectre (SF)


1. Devan and Belak's giant frog consistently miss in their death duel (TSC)
2. Horgic, psionically influenced, is convinced that Ashton is on fire (DIF)
3. The party discovers they've been working for the bad guys (QON)
4. Reiko evades Ashton's magical fire and shoots him with her bow (SID)
5. Horgic abandons Ashton and a paralyzed Devan to pursue a ghast (SF)


1. Horgic gobbles down elf pudding (TSC)
2. Purple tentacles wave in the Temple of Something (DIF)
3. Formian worker and giant ant demonstrate improper affection (QON)
4. Tellar-worshipping barbarians explain the “Quest for the Arm” (SID)
5. Baron Euphemes II introduces the new police chief: an Osyluth (SID)
6. Angry mob finds the party just after Ashton detonates the ghoul-kids (SF)


1. Paneris, hedonistic slaver
2. Belak, evil druid
3. Milos, yuan-ti cleric of Ophion
4. Sultana Aleyl, Queen of the Night
5. Ghaerleth Axom, Devil-worshipping Illithid


1. “This song is called, 'They Never Named No Whiskey After the Elves'" - Horgic (TSC)
2. “Sorry, love, but I've kind of got this slave revolt to deal with." - Paneris to Devan (TSC)
3. “That guy we set on fire was probably a paladin." - Charn to Horgic (QON)
4. “You just can't keep some pets in the house." - Sorastro to Tamina (about Horgic) (SID)
5. “You humans think you have to hump everything with pointed ears." - Angus to Ashton (SID)
6. “It was just a test! I'm fine! Let the heroes go!" - Devan as the Osyluth (SID)
7. “Horgic! No! Stay at your post!" - Ashton to Horgic (TSC, SF, etc.)
8. “Are you calling my friend Ratbert a liar?" - Brenner to Devan (DBJ)


1. Meepo, the kobold dragon keeper (TSC)
2. Erky Timbers, gnome captive (TSC)
3. Ariel, cleric of Ezren (DIF)
4. Captain Hano, Paneris's merc (QON)
5. Sorastro, silver dragon (QON)
6. Angus, dwarven porter (SID)
7. Reiko, enthusiastic cohort (SID)
8. Brenner, unscrupulous ranger (DBJ)


1. “They Never Named No Whiskey After the Elves” (TSC)
2. “She Took Half My Left Tusk and All of My Heart” (DIF)
3. “Maglubiyet's Revenge (Have Some Elf Pudding, But Don't Drink the Water)” (DIF)
4. “I May Look Like a Pig, But That Don't Mean You Ain't Ugly” (QON)
5. “The Romance of Gruumsh and Captain Hano (an oration)" (QON)


1. Ashton calmly binds his wounds before knocking himself out (TSC)
2. Horgic leaps onto the back of the hydra (QON)
3. Devan deliberately provokes the spectre (SF)
4. Charn keeps fighting in burning armor (TSC)
5. Horgic gets uppity with Sorastro (SID)