Adventure #12: Liberation of Geoff
(based on the module by Sean K. Reynolds)

DM: Mike
Players: Missy, Lynn, Robin, Mark

[Mike has yet to produce a summary for this, so here's the Reader's Digest version.]

Dropped into giant-occupied Geoff, they had a brief enounter with a group of officially sanctioned giant-killers (not "criminals" like them) and then moved on. They found a town protected by a fog giant who appeared to be somewhat of a benevolent ruler. Then they found a bigger town with fire giants and trolls and ran away. Shao Tsang was badly hurt trying to go hand-to-hand with the trolls.

They sacked a small town by sneaking in and killing people in their sleep and met some elves in the Oytwood forest who gave them shelter. They also defeated a pair of frost giants, one of whom revealed that the fire giants were behind the invasion, and were coercing the frost giants into helping by holding some royal kids hostage. After being nearly wiped out by some giant ticks, they moved on to a bigger village. After a very close night battle, they managed to defeat the garrison which included hill giants, fire giants, and a cloud giant. Many captive humans were freed and there was much rejoicing.