Adventure #17: Liberation of Geoff, Part 2
(based on the module by Sean K. Reynolds)

DM: Mike
Players: Lynn, Robin, Daniel

[Mike has yet to produce a summary for this, so here's the Reader's Digest version.]

First they had to deal with the spiderized Shao Tsang, a fight which ended in the destruction of the cloak (once separated from Shao Tsang, it became a horrific blade-legged spider all by itself) and several sarcastic remarks from Natashi's new sword (a "gift" from her deity). Also, Ezren built a flesh golem, which he named Og.

That taken care of, they moved on to the grand finale. They headed into frost giant territory to find out how to get them to pull out of the invasion. They found a three-headed but friendly frost giant named Vaff who brought them to the king.