Adventure #18: Liberation of Geoff, Part 3
(based on the module by Sean K. Reynolds)

DM: Mike
Players: Lynn, Robin, Todd

[Mike has yet to produce a summary for this, so here's the Reader's Digest version.]

The frost giant king told them how to sneak into the city of the cloud giants (the real leaders) and Ezren (with Shao Tsang's help) bound a devil to help them. The devil, a cornugon who called himself Red, was not the tamest of subjects, and did a lot of nasty stuff along the way.

But they finally found the leader of the cloud giants and Tellar beheaded her with his shiny new vorpal sword. They found the kids too, but I think one of them had already been eaten and replaced by Red. Nobody knew this at the time, of course.

End of the first Knights of Grog's campaign. Good night.