Adventure #7: Rock the Casbah

DM: Lynn
Players: Mike, Missy, Robin, Shane, Todd, Trish

Shao Tsang, Victor, Mogdar, and Oaklore discovered one of Victor's bastard sons (and the bitter middle-aged mother) from his "previous life". Although he was now too young to be fingered as the father, Victor was overwhelmed with guilt and sacrificed valuable hack-time trying to make amends. He ended up leaving behind his brooch of shielding and a bunch of money, promising that the brooch would protect his abandoned spawn.

Meanwhile, Ezren dropped in on Tellar and Parenia in Dagger Rock. Literally. After being hurled from the tradesmen's boat, he found himself approaching the town rather rapidly from above. Luckily, he had a soft landing and was mostly unharmed. Over dinner at Grog's, he filled Tellar and Parenia in on the trip to Kethys.

OasisThat night, they all dreamed of a beautiful woman who lifted them out of their beds and dropped them in an exotic garden. In the morning, they found that they really were in that garden. They were attacked by a swarm of green giants (contrary to folklore, not jolly at all). The party scattered and tried to escape, but there were too many giants. Shao Tsang offered to teach them about the Tao and Ezren introduced them to a swarm of nasty spiders, but eventually everyone was caught. Despite some angry suggestions from the ones Ezren swarmed, the giants didn't harm them, except to carry them to the edge of the garden and expel them into the desert.

After an exhausting trip across the desert, they were rescued by a giant camel and taken to a camp or something. There, an exiled princess told them her tale of woe. Apparently she and her father had been ousted by an evil sorcerer, who now ruled from the palace. Despite initial resistance from Victor, the party eventually agreed to help her out. A mage of sorts was sent with them as a guide.

DesertThey mangaged to sneak into the castle without alerting too many guards (at first), and without killing any, except for one accidental death at Shao Tsang's hands. After wandering through the castle for several days, they found and defeated the wizard's chief lieutenant. The next day, they came to the big guy himself. Everyone was ready to charge in, but Tellar (the berserker) insisted on planning out their assault first.

Funky Ice CrabThey burst into the room (yeah, that was their carefully considered plan). Ezren turned a huge section of the floor into fire with his new wand, but only enough to make it harder to get across because the room was friggin huge. So Ezren made a walkway of stone across the fire and summoned an army of rats to follow his companions to the wizard, who was already summoning funky ice-crabs from the fountain.

Finally they beat the wizard and freed the king, who turned out to be a djinn. They were richly rewarded and there was much rejoicing.