Knights of Grog's: Characters

BINKNUTT ROCKSILVAS Male Human Bard Chaotic Good
Binknutt claims to be from the city of Lankhmar, on Nehwon, a world unknown to the rest of the party so far. He had been polymorphed into a mouse, and the next thing he knew he was in a village in the swamp where the party found him in Adventure #10. He often describes himself as a "star." Binknutt is generally well-meaning but apparently has no sense of caution; party members who prefer a more measured approach have at times grown frustrated with him. In the party, Binknutt is probably closest to Bobo McBaggett, who joined the party around the same time and shares Binknutt's amiable and relaxed outlook (except when it comes to giants). In combat Binknutt usually uses a short sword or one of his magical instruments, which usually don't produce any effects until well after the combat is over.

BOBO MCBAGGETT Male Half-Elven Ranger Chaotic Good
Bobo joined the party in the swamp of the Ziggurat Builders in Adventure #10. He was originally hired as a guide and has since become one of the party's combat mainstays, especially when Daiten and Tellar aren't around. Little is known about Bobo's past except that his village was destroyed by giants, which has led to a lifelong hatred of giants of almost every kind. Malligant claimed responsibility for this in Adventure #12, which has inspired Bobo to hate him as well. Bobo is quite fickle, often switching his allegiance between various characters and deities several times in an outing. In the party, he seems to prefer the company of Shao Tsang and Mogdar to most of the others, but Binknutt is the only one he calls a friend (Bobo actively dislikes Daiten, often citing Daiten's "damn honor" as the reason). His greatest allegiance is to his porcupines, Spike and Bump, who can sit up and growl out his name. Bobo claims they also give him detailed advice, but no one else can hear it. Bobo usually fights with his giant-slaying longsword in one hand and a short sword in the other, or uses a longbow.

DAITEN Male Human Bushinkai Lawful Good
Daiten is from Kara-Tur 200 years in the past. He was brought back to the present with the party in Adventure #8. Daiten is a Bushinkai, a psionic warrior dedicated to righting wrongs wherever he may find them. As such, he is bound by a strict code that has at times brought him into sharp conflict with more ruthless members of the party (notably Tellar, Isaac, and Bobo). Daiten and his master, Van Wilkes, were trying to protect a monastery when they met the party. Daiten's master was slain in the course of this attempt. Van Wilkes' killer was Cain, one of the Zherikai, who are the soul-draining evil opposites of the Bushinkai. When the party and Daiten confronted Cain he fled into the timestream. Daiten stayed with the party hoping that he could track Cain down. Since then he hasn't found Cain, but has discovered that the Bushinkai were wiped out not long after he left, making him the last of his kind. Daiten respects and admires Shao Tsang for his psionic abilities and knowledge of Taoism, which the Bushinkai also follow. Daiten really came into his own during the Battle of Preston (Adventure #12), where he and Bobo faced down and destroyed many powerful giants. Daiten always fights with his katana, which he forged himself according to Bushinkai tradition, and his psionic powers.

EZREN Male Human Warlock Chaotic Good
Ezren has been part of the party since Adventure #1, which began with the rest of the party trying to stop a mob from lynching him. Unfortunately, this is how people tend to respond to Ezren, who tends to inspire suspicion and irritation wherever he goes with his slinking about and his barbed sarcasm. Shao Tsang once observed that the world reacted to Ezren only slightly better than Bobo reacts to giants. Ezren wasn't quite talented enough to achieve his sorcerous ambitions, and when the wizard Kasmordo rejected him as a student, Ezren bound himself instead to the otherdimensional creature known as Ophion in exchange for magical knowledge. No one knows exactly what happened to Kasmordo, but his disappearance is part of what inspired the lynch mob that almost got Ezren. Ezren has something of a rivalry with Mogdar, but probably a grudging respect as well. Ezren's record of being easily tempted by the promise of power (as with Ophion and the Death Rock) has resulted in some party members mistrusting him. His familiar is a black cat named Ixifractus, who shares Ezren's prickly personality and occasionally conveys orders from Ophion. Ezren carries a dagger but doesn't know how to use any weapons; he relies on his spells or uses his Cloak of the Bat to hide or reconnoiter.

ISAAC Male Human Priest Lawful Evil
Isaac joined the party in Adventure #13. He served the gods of Trade and Commerce, and as such demanded contracts and payment for his healing services. The party grudgingly went along with this requirement, with the exception of Tellar. Daiten originally went along with Isaac's requirements, but ceased interacting with him because Isaac helped to kill a hobgoblin that Daiten hired him to heal. Isaac claimed that, like the party, he was thrown over the river from Gran March into Geoff, and that the rest of his party was killed by giants. Not much else is known about him. Isaac seemed to respect Shao Tsang's orderly approach to things, but never really became close to anyone in the party. He usually fought with a quarterstaff. Isaac died in the Temple of Tharizdun (Adventure #14), in an attempt to figure out a very dangerous puzzle.

KAYLA MOONSAVER Female High Elven Ranger Neutral Good
Kayla first appeared in Adventure #1, but hasn't appeared since. She and her lover, Trenar Windscream, were on the run then and helped the party put an end to schemes of Kasmordo's imp familiar, but since have disappeared and haven't been seen since. Kayla, a High Elven noble, kept to herself and was very cautious. She fought with a long sword and long bow.

MOGDAR Male Human Chronomancer True Neutral
Mogdar first joined the party in Adventure #1 as Og, who appeared to be a half-ogre, but was really a devolved Mogdar. When he was restored as Mogdar in Adventure #2, he claimed that he had been experimenting with a gem and had accidentally devolved himself. In Adventure #13 Malligant revealed that Mogdar had actually stolen the gem from him, and that he had devolved Mogdar as punishment. Malligant also claimed that he was the Chronomancer who trained Mogdar, but Mogdar denies this vehemently. It is not known who is speaking the truth. Mogdar often says that, because of his pact with Ophion, Ezren isn't a "real wizard," but also seems to respect him as his only wizardly colleague in the party. Mogdar is often cited as the most mysterious member of the party, and he works hard to keep it that way. He goes to great pains to conceal his time-controlling abilities, but has used them to aid the party many times. Mogdar seems to respect the opinions of Ezren and Shao Tsang, due to their long history together, but appears to trust Seisha the most, perhaps because he knows she has secrets as well. Mogdar fights with various magical daggers and his spells.

NATASHI Female Human Priest Lawful Good
Natashi accidentally joined the party in Adventure #9, when she was sucked into a wormhole gone awry and ended up with the party outside Cerfal Pass. Natashi is a priest of Hachiman, a god of war who has apparently recently decided to allow women to start serving in his priesthood. Natashi tends to keep to herself and has been known to wander off to avoid inter-party conflicts. She shows little interest in acquiring treasure or advancing the worship of Hachiman, but remains with the party anyway. Natashi isn't close to any particular party member, although she once shared a beer with Bobo while the rest of the party was engaged in open combat amongst themselves. She fights with a katana, which is also her holy symbol.

OAKLORE Male Half-Dragon Ranger Lawful Good
Oaklore claims a brass dragon as his father, making him something of an oddity among oddities. He joined the party in Adventure #6 when the mysterious Tradesmen selected him to replace Ezren. Oaklore often served as the party's main fighter during Tellar, Kayla, and Trenar's long absences and before the arrival of Bobo and Daiten. Oaklore worked well with Victor, Shao Tsang, and Ezren, but was often more impulsive than Mogdar or Tellar liked. He was sucked into Tellar's Warp Marble at the beginning of Adventure #9 and hasn't been seen since, even when Shao Tsang emptied the Warp Marble out at the beginning of Adventure #14. His current whereabouts are unknown. Oaklore usually fought with a longsword or long bow.

PARENIA Female Human Burglar Neutral Good (?)
Parenia first joined the party in Adventure #3, when she was yanked into the future with the rest of the party. She had been nearby to attempt to steal the gem that had restored Og to being Mogdar and de-aged Victor, and which later turned out to be Malligant's. She claimed that she did not know who hired her to steal it, as he worked through an intermediary. She left with Victor and Malligant at the beginning of Adventure #8, and later Malligant revealed that she had been working for him all along, and that he had had her memories altered so that she would be beyond suspicion. Now she appears to be restored and once again with Malligant. Parenia usually fought with a short sword or short bow.

SHAO TSANG Male Human Psionicist Lawful Neutral
Shao Tsang has been with the party since their first gathering, and, as the only one of a lawful bent, often was a force for keeping the party together in the early days. Shao Tsang is an orphan who was raised and trained in psionics in a Taoist monastery. When he was old enough, the Master of the monastery sent him out into the world to temper his rigid views. Shao Tsang had managed to keep quiet the fact that his departure from the monastery wasn't quite voluntary until Malligant revealed it to the party (as well as claiming responsibility for it) in Adventure #12. Initially Shao Tsang was something of a gadfly, constantly instructing others on the way of the Tao, but his experiences have matured his outlook and allowed him to understand the Tao without attempting to force it on others. He was particularly shaken by his glimpses of an alternate future in Adventure #3, when he saw himself as a dictator in some sort of Illithid regime. This has led him to try to be less rigid in his pursuit of organization. Shao Tsang feels protective of Daiten, and trusts Ezren and Mogdar due to his long association with them. Although he has spent less time with her, he seems to trust Seisha as well. Shao Tsang occasionally uses a crossbow, but almost always fights bare-handed, relying on his knowledge of Kung Fu and psionics.

SATO SEISHA Female Human Ninja True Neutral
Seisha (Sato is her family name) has been an enigma since she first crossed paths with the party in Adventure #8. Then, as now, she claimed to be "a simple trader." The time she has spent with the party has gradually revealed the she is, in fact, a Mindclouder Ninja. Seisha's telepathic powers and ability to blend seamlessly into any culture have made her useful in many situations. She is often frustrated with working in a crowd, but she remains with the party for reasons of her own. Seisha often sides with the culturally similar Shao Tsang and Daiten, and has worked closely with Mogdar, the only other party member who is as mysterious as she is. Seisha often uses her telepathic abilities in combat, but also commonly employs a flaming short sword or a blowgun with poisoned darts.

TELLAR Male Human Berserker Neutral Good
Tellar joined the party on its first adventure, but has not been present as often as the other remaining original members (Shao Tsang, Ezren, and (sort of) Mogdar). Tellar is often brusque and impatient, and initially found Shao Tsang's incessant chatter about the Tao very annoying. Often when the party does not follow his direction, Tellar will strike out on his own. As a Berserker, Tellar seldom shows any mercy to his foes, and he once nearly came to blows with Daiten because Daiten tried to stop him from killing a surrendered hobgoblin. Tellar doesn't seem to be particularly close to anyone in the party, nor does he seem to want to be. He appears to actively dislike Daiten and Isaac. Tellar fights with a two-handed sword.

TRENAR WINDSCREAM Male Drow Ranger Neutral Good
Trenar, like Kayla, appeared in the party's first adventure but hasn't been seen since. Trenar and Kayla showed up in Timber on the run because Kayla, a high elven noble, was forbidden to have a romance with a drow. Fearful of discovery, the two kept to themselves. Trenar's current whereabouts are unknown, although there have been reports that he and Kayla are part of an organization in the north known as the Sphere. Trenar usually fought with a longsword or longbow.

VICTOR Male Human Spy/Druid Neutral Good
Victor was present at the party's first gathering, and in the early days was often the closest the party came to having a leader. A grizzled spy when he first appeared, Victor was de-aged to youth and robbed of most of his memories by Mogdar's gem in Adventure #2. When the Druid Shod was cast into the timestream just before the destruction of his timeline in Adventure #3, a part of his essence merged with Victor, inspiring Vic to give up the spy's life and take up Druidism. He was progressing nicely when he discovered that he had fathered a son in Halclef long ago. Overcome with responsibility, Victor asked Malligant to take him back to Halclef (before anyone knew Malligant very well). Malligant kidnapped Victor instead and eventually used him as a hostage to guarantee the party's good behavior in Geoff.