Grog II: Characters

ASHTON Male Human Cleric/Sorcerer Neutral Good
Ashton's first mission was one of mercy, searching for a magical fruit that was supposed to heal his ailing mentor. This led him to the slave den where he met Charn, Devan, and Horgic. Ashton is not a druid like his mentor, but he is a devout follower of Ash and tries to avoid harming any natural creatures. Although willing to slug it out in melee when necessary, Ashton prefers to hang back and use his spells, keeping a detatched eye on the tactical situation.
CHARN Male Elf Fighter Neutral Good
Charn Alaric Silverleaf was introduced to his companions by the announcer of a gladitorial contest, where he was to fight Horgic for the amusement of the crowd. Disciplined and -for an elf- sometimes even grim, Charn is fascinated by new weapons and tactical approaches. He generally dresses in typical elvish fighting garb with occasional snakeskin accessories, such as his scabbard and boots. Although he is usually more effective as an archer, Charn will eagerly leap into melee with his longsword (or whatever else he happens to have picked up) to support his companions.
DEVAN NIGHTSHADOW Female Half-Elf Rogue True Neutral
Devan was dumped into the party's midst from the lap of Paneris, a sybaritic bard and slaver. She claims she was only trying to get information from him. The laconic Devan rarely speaks of her past or expresses emotion of any kind. Whether this behavior is rooted in personal discipline or some form of psychosis remains to be seen. She normally fights with short bow or short sword, although she seems willing to improvise, even borrowing Ashton's morningstar once to fight some skeletons.
HORGIC GLANSHNAMMER Male Half-Orc Barbarian Chaotic Good
Horgic had been a captive of the slavers even longer than Charn when they were thrown into the arena together. Although his rage is fearsome, Horgic can also be surprisingly gregarious and loves to buy rounds of drinks for everyone in the tavern. Occasionally some of his barbaric superstitions are revealed this way, like his opinion that writing is a tool of devils. Horgic fights bravely, but with no restraint and little regard for group tactics.