New Magic

Gem of Utter Chaos and Wand of the Wyrds
These minor artifacts were known before the cataclysm, but have not appeared since. Both of these items were known to manifest random powers that were often as dangerous to the wielder as the target. Abilities manifested by these items include random spell casting, petrification gaze power, and encasing the user in cheese. The only known Gem of Utter Chaos turned out to be a temporal lynchpin which had to be destroyed. The Wand of the Wyrds was found in Cerfal Pass. (These items were only used in the 2nd Edition campaign.)

Cloak of the Elder Arachnids
A more powerful version of the Cloak of Arachnida, with a malevolent intelligence built in, this item was found by the original Knights of Grog's in Cerfal Pass. It may have come from the ruins of the ancient people known only as the Ziggurat Builders. There may be more. When worn, the cloak caused the wearer to grow four spider-like limbs from his torso. In addition to climbing, the user could also spin webs, transform into a giant spider, heal himself by drinking blood, and control limited HD of spiders. Each use of these abilities made it progessively more difficult to fight the cloak's influence (or even to take it off), which eventually turned the user to evil and granted even more sinister powers. Once separated from a corrupted host, the cloak itself became a sword spider. (This item was only used in the 2nd Edition campaign.)

As much an NPC as a magic item, Go-Taro was a belligerant and chauvinistic sword given to Natashi as a gift from Hatchiman. It was particulary critical of ranged attacks and making deals with monsters. Go-Taro was a Chaotic Neutral +3 katana with the following abilities: Keen, Thundering, Speech, Telepathy, Grants Combat Reflexes, Grants Blind-Fight, Grants Improved Initiative, Bull's Strength 1/day, Int 17, Wis 7, Cha 19, Ego 23. Its special purpose was to slay aberrations and multi-headed beasts. Its special purpose power was a 10d6 lighting bolt, DC 15. A cult of Go-Taro worshippers has appeared in Freeport, but there has been no sign of the sword itself since the cataclysm. Go-Taro's mantra (and that of the cult) is, "If it's bigger than normal, kill it! If it's smaller than normal, kill it! If it has more than one head, chop them off and burn the stumps!"