Shao Tsang's Vision

Shao Tsang found himself in a laboratory full of strange, barbed cutting implements, beakers full of strange fluids, and at least one bizzarre apparatus that he could see. He was strapped to an operating table with particularly firm head restraints. Ezren, Parenia, and a tall, hooded figure were working around him. Ezren was dissecting a small, squid-like creature.

Shao Tsang asked them to release him, triggering a strange dialog. Parenia said, "It is aware of us."

Ezren replied, "Its conscious mind is of no consequence. The Chief Scientist will realign its psionic matrix in any case."

The hooded man said, "It might remember, nevertheless," and approached Shao Tsang. Despite the fact that he was now looking directly into the hood, he still could not see the man's face. The hooded man lifted one of the barbed cutting implements and reached for Shao Tsang's head.

Shao Tsang struggled against his restraints, then desperately tried to reach into the hooded man's mind. Although he failed to make contact, all three figures froze. Ezren looked annoyed and said, "It still posesses the will to defend itself."

Parenia went back to work on her mixing table and said, "We shall wait for the Chief Scientist." The other two followed her example, completely ignoring Shao Tsang.

Several minutes later, a cloud of swirling mist seemed rise out of the floor. At first, it seemed to form into the shape of an oversized humanoid embryo, then it expanded into a man-sized form and solidified into human flesh. His facial features were like those common to Shao Tsang's countrymen. He was a very old man with a long mustache and long black hair. Attached to each one of his fingers was one of the strange, barbed implements, each one different. His eyes had a white film over them.

"I am Chief Scientist Wu Teh," the newcomer said, moving towards Shao Tsang. Wu Teh caressed Shao Tsang's skull, cutting into his skin as he did so. Laughing at Shao Tsang's screams, Wu Teh then drove all five blades of one hand into his skull.

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